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    About us

    In a world where we have to make choices everyday, we want to help you make more conscious ones.

    Every business starts somewhere. Ours started in the kitchen. 

    As a family, we get through a lot of hemp seeds! Being a Mum, I always try to buy products that are good for not just my family, but also for the planet, as my kids are going to be here a lot longer than me. Searching online for the best deals, because of course I am budget conscious, but ensuring the hemp seeds I bought were good quality, organic, ethical, sustainable, blah, blah, blah, became a chore. I mean a REAL chore. Every day I would be in the kitchen using those seeds, seeing my supply dwindle, knowing I was going to have to go through the same process again and again to try and find a good place to buy them at a reasonable price. I dreaded it.

    How awful is that? Doing something good for my family, and for the world, was something I had come to loathe. 

    Our family has always dreamed of a better world, one that revolves around kindness, equality and love. So that day in the kitchen, as we sat down together as a family we decided that it was time to create a place for people to find the products they need, products that solve their problems and are beneficial to them, but ensuring those products also help to improve our planet. We wanted to give something back to the planet that we, personally, have taken from. 

    What makes us different?

    Our aim is to build a business that can support our family whilst doing good in the world. That may not sound very exciting or different, in fact it may sound trite, because most people want to earn money and feel that they are doing good, so let me explain… 

    As we grow as a business, we intend to put some of our profits into community schemes and social enterprises whose aims are to help people into or back into work. Our goal is to actively employ those people and give them gainful and meaningful employment doing something that makes a difference to them and to the planet. 

    In addition, our intention is to grow the business to the point where we are able to design, create and manufacture our own goods. We want to create a community manufacturing project that will enrich the lives of people through employment in an environment based on our ideals; 

    We want to enrich the planet through increasing our use of products that give something back to the environment, whilst reducing use of products that can be replaced with green, ethical, viable alternatives; 

    We want to enrich your life with items that are beautiful and useful and that support well-being and health; 

    Finally, we want to enrich the lives of your family now and for future generations, as we all do our bit, little by little, to move towards a better world. 

    We think the world is ready for better.

    We think people are ready for better.

    Letʼs be better together.