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    Happy Green Trading Co

    Thank you for joining

    Welcome to The Happy Green Trading Company. 

    I am delighted that you have landed on our website. That means you are probably like me, looking for products for yourself or your family, that are sustainable and ethical. Why? Because you care. 

    In a world full of advertising and marketing buzzwords, itʼs easy to pick up a product that claims to be green or organic. As consumers we are ready to pay a little more for something that seems to be better for us or for the planet. It can be hard though, to see through the hype to understand which products are truly ethical and sustainable. 

    As a busy Mum to three kids, I found searching for the right products for my family to be time consuming, exhausting and extremely frustrating. I spent so much time checking ingredient labels, searching online and trying out products that one day I realised that everyone else out there was going through the same thing. That was the day that The Happy Green Trading Company was born. 

    Our curated collection of products focusses on the use of materials and ingredients that are beneficial to the planet, like hemp and cork. If you care to find out more about the history of these amazing products, and the love they put back into the world, you can do so here.

    I really hope that my passion for the products here helps you to find something that fulfils a need in your life, solves a problem for you, or just makes you feel great! 

    Kate Kennerson,

    Founder and Head Cheerleader

    The Happy Green Trading Company

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