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    Happy Green Trading Co

    Our vision for a social enterprise

    Here at Happy Green, our vision is to build a business that can support not only our family, but also the community, through social enterprise. 

    A social enterprise brings about potentially transformative societal change, by combining traditional business smarts with social and environmental awareness. The aim of a social enterprise is to benefit a specific group of people, but the whole community benefits from the prosperity a social enterprise brings. Boosting the local economy, social enterprises not only help to reduce unemployment, but can also positively impact local neighbourhoods. Studies show that providing meaningful employment can lure people away from illicit activity, reducing local crime, and having meaningful work facilitates personal growth, contributes to the greater good, and has been linked to better mental health. 

    You, our customers are key to helping us build an inclusive and resilient social economy. Choosing to purchase our ethical and earth friendly products, our enlightened customers support social enterprise, and the world benefits. 

    As we grow

    With the help of like minded consumers such as yourself, we will be able to invest in a social enterprise or community scheme that assists people needing support to get into work for the first time, or who are getting back into work after a break and are finding it difficult. They will be taught new skills and be given opportunities that may not have been previously accessible to them. If a suitable social enterprise scheme does not exist in our area, we will create one. 

    We are building a model for future generations. As we expand we will provide employment opportunities to those enrolled in the social enterprise scheme and the jobs we provide will continue to support the local community. Future growth plans include a community manufacturing project. The benefits of working in this way are numerous and include: new and improved products; an enhanced sense of community; increased mutual knowledge; quicker and more comprehensive solutions; and the tapping of latent potential. This leads to more effective and far-reaching innovation. 

    Todayʼs Social Entrepreneurs are helping to create change in new ways, through social enterprises that have an important role to play in the achievement of the UNʼs new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    We want The Happy Green Trading Co. to contribute to the achievement of those Sustainable Development Goals and we thank you for supporting us to do so.

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