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    An ancient material re-imagined for a modern age

    Our journey to bring you the best selection of cork products began with in-depth research into the Cork industry and travelling to Portugal, the biggest exporter of cork products in the world. Discovering the history of this ancient material, the lifecycle of the Cork Oak tree and the way it is harvested helped us in our quest.

    Whilst the vast majority of cork (almost 75%) is made into wine bottle stoppers, increasingly, more and more cork is being utilised in innovative and imaginative ways in the construction and fashion industries and even to the space industry. Cork production requires patience. It takes 25 years from planting a Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber) until the tree is ready for its first harvest.

    The first harvest, which is known as virgin cork, isnʼt considered as good enough to be used in the production of wine bottle stoppers. Even the next harvest, which takes place 9 years later, still isnʼt good enough. It actually takes another 9 years, 43 years from planting, before the Cork Oak tree produces cork thatʼs of a high enough quality to be used as wine corks. This cork is known as ‘amadiaʼ cork. The amadia cork period lasts for around 50 years. The cork that is produced in early harvests isnʼt wasted. Apart from the environmental benefit of harvesting this wonderful tree, including helping to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere, this early harvest cork is being used in new creative and useful ways.

    Cork is great for sound and heat insulation, and itʼs increasingly being incorporated into sound-proofing materials and for making durable and stain resistant floor covering. It can be made into fabric (cork leather) and even into paper. Cork is also used for all kinds of fashion and household accessories including handbags, purses, wallets, shoes, caps, watches, jewellery, mouse mats, yoga mats, iPad covers, pretty much anything you can think of!

    We have selected delicately crafted, high quality cork products that transform the traditional cork look into sophisticated and contemporary objects. In a world increasingly sensitive to the preservation of the planet, why wouldnʼt you choose a cork product and give something back with every product you purchase?

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